AUN/SEED-Net: Announcement of Collaborative Research Program(CR), 2nd Batch of 2014

It is our pleasure to inform you that Collaborative Research Program(CR), 2nd Batch of JFY2014, is now open for applications. Please find the attachment for the Implementation Guideline of the program and the attachment.

Please kindly note that the application deadline through RMC, UTM :


1) Collaborative Research Program (CR), 2ND Batch of 2014 – 25 September (Thursday), 2014

2) Collaborative Research with Industry Japanese Fiscal Year 2015 – 9 November (Sunday), 2014


Please click the link for application form and guidelines –

All applications must be submitted by hardcopy to Research Mangement Centre (RMC) before the deadline.

Advisors who has already requested CR budget in the 1st batch are not eligible to apply in the 2nd batch. 

From 1st batch of 2014, AUN/SEED-Net will not accept any application submitted by an individualPrincipal Investigator.

Principal Investigators are requested to study the guideline clearly and strictly follow the instruction.

For further enquiries, and submission please contact RMC, Mr. Khairilanuar ( or Mdm Pn Salina Sihap (