Dear Researchers,

Congratulation to all successful researchers who have secured FRGS Grant Phase 1/2016. Please take necessary action as follows:

Task 1  –  Due date:  26th July 2016 

Must revise your proposal in MyGrants system as per MOHE panel’s comment. The start date of the project is 1st August, 2016. Please revise budget, milestone and Gantt chart accordingly.

Once you are have completed with the revision, select the Status to Complete and click Save to submit revised proposal to RMC for finalization.


Task 2  Due date:  26th July 2016 

After revising the proposal in MyGrants System, Project Leader needs to submit TWO (2) hardcopy FRGS Agreements to RMC.

Researchers only need to fill up information in page 3, 7 & 8 and print completed agreement in A4 size paper (both side).

Task 3 –  Due date: 31st July 2016 

After completing Task 1 and Task 2, researchers need to register FRGS Grant in RADIS System.


Required documents as attachment below:


For further enquiries, please contact Proposal & Record Unit as below:-

  1. Raja Rozita Raja Rahmat (ext:37822 email:
  2. Suziana Tahir (ext:37824 email:
  3. Mohamad Amirul Nizam Abu Mansor (ext: 37824 email:
  4. Lilissuriati Mohamed Tahir (ext:37822 email: