Term & Conditions

1. Participation is open to all UTM researchers.
2. Maximum THREE(3) invention is allowed for a project leader.
3. The invention must be related to a research project registered with RMC.
4. The inventation must be NEW (except for products that have been improved/undergone further development) and IP protected.
5. All participant must produce their own poster according to the poster template.
6. The products intellectual property must be protected (Patent Granted, Patent Filing, Copyright, Submitted Invention Discloser Form).

For further enquiry regarding
please contact the following persons form ICC, UTM:
Mr. Herme herme@icc.utm.my +6075591526
Ms. Noran noran@icc.utm.my +6075591551

7. Entry fee is RM 750.00 (payment is made by deduction from research vot).
8. Incomplete submission will not be processed.
9. All registration entries must be online via https://radis.utm.my/rmccorporate/.