All registration entries must be done online via For registration guideline, donwload USER MANUAL ONLINE EXHIBITION


Exhibitors must prepare their own poster, flyer and video according to the prescribed format. Please refer Poster format guideline, Flyer format guideline and Video guideline for further information.


All admittance must go through a registration process that will be held as following:

Date: 28 October 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00 pm until 5.00 pm
Place: Foyer, Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM


Exhibitors or their representatives are allowed to conduct their booth preparation (setting up of poster, product arrangements/exhibition material and decorations) at their respective kiosk until 7.00pm the latest (28 October 2018).


The failure to register within the time frame provided by the exhibitor or their representatives will result in the revocation of participation. Registration after the time provided will not be entertained.


When registering, exhibitors will be given a booth no., exhibitor’s tag, judging form, hall layout and Product Features . The functions of the said items are as followed:

Booth No. To know the exact location of your booth
Exhibitor’s Tag To enable exhibitors to enter the exhibition hall
Judging Form To ensure that the product have been judged (please paste it on the poster panel so that the judge can sign it)
Hall Layout As a reference to participant’s booth location
Product Features As a reference of products that participated in INATEX 2018 (online)- download from web


Judging session will be held on 29 October 2018 starting from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Please refer Presentation format guideline for further information.


Inventions will be awarded points for each of the five (5) criteria mentioned in Evaluation Criteria. The maximum score is 100%. Medals will be awarded based on the percentage scored.
• Gold 85% and above
• Silver 70% – 84%
• Bronze 60% – 69%

Refer Prize and Award for further information.


Exhibitors or their representatives are requested to be present at their booth at all time during the exhibition. RMC shall not be liable for any damages whatever due to the negligence of the participants.


Exhibition materials and posters must be exhibited starting from 29 – 31 October 2018. Dismantling of materials is only allowed after 5.00pm on 31 October 2018.


A booth with limited space will be provided for each invention/product. Researchers are encouraged to prepare an appropriate prototype to avoiding the problem of space. Location of each invention will be notified during registration. Hall layout will be announced later.


Water Dispenser will be available in the exhibition hall. Participants must provide their own cup


All exhibitors are requested to attend the Closing Ceremony and Awards Presentation (refer Tentative here) (31 October 2018, 2.15pm) at Dewan Sultan Iskandar.


Exhibition result (Silver & Bronze) will be announced on 2.30pm 30 October 2018.

(Gold & Special Award) on the closing ceremony

The results are final.