About Inatex


UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA (UTM) is actively involved in R&D activities and is considered to be among the top universities in Malaysia, especially in the field of technology and engineering . Interdisciplinary research is promoted through the Research Alliances (RA), Centers of Excellence (CoE) and Research Groups (RG). As part of the effort to encourage and facilitate research, development and commercialisation activities, Industrial Art & Technology Exhibition (INATEX) is committed to exhibit findings and products of the latest technology by researchers to society; in particular the industries.

Industrial Art & Technology Exhibition (INATEX) is one of the University’s program in Research and Development organised by Research Management Center (RMC). INATEX is an R&D exhibition that showcases UTM inventions and inovations. INATEX also acts as a competition for products develop by UTM researchers. The purpose of INATEX is to promote the research findings or products to the public by exhibiting the creative inventions and innovative products from UTM researchers. INATEX is also is a platform for UTM researchers to commercialize their research results at a higher level and to form a global network of intellectual partners together with industry. Therefore, researchers should always equip themselves with knowledge and skill and be familiar with the technology and new discoveries in the field of their expertise.

Elevating Communities Through Innovative R&D
Date: 21 November – 23 November 2017
Time: 09.00am to 5.00pm
Place: Dewan Sultan Iskandar (DSI) UTM
Organize: Research Management Centre (RMC)
1. To promote the latest innovative inventions, products and technologies in R&D developed by UTM researchers to the public and industry.
2. As a platform for internal assessment for R & D products for competitions at National or International level.
3. To identify technology or latest products with potential for commercialization.
4. To provide exposure for UTM researchers on the importance of producing quality research with high standard in order to be accepted by consumers and that can be commercialized to generate income to the University.
5. To promote a culture of entrepreneurship within researchers by providing basic exposure as a first step towards commercialization of research products.
6. To promote creativity among UTM researchers through research innovations by combining R & D activities with quality products, the values of aesthetics and ergonomics through the Industrial Art and Design.
7. To provide a platform for interaction and promoting partnership between UTM researchers and industry for the creation of wealth through innovative R&D and to strengthen beneficial networking between academics, public and industry.